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Attachments production
You need an attachment for your machine? We can make it for you! Custom made attachments for excavators, loaders...  Find out more
used engines, gearboxes, axles...for machinery
Used spare parts
Vast choice of used, renewed and new spare parts for all kinds of machinery.
Find out more HERE,or contact us directly.


Volvo introduces the new VOLVO crawler excavator EC200E- A TRUE ALL-ROUNDER


Our production team can produce attachments for excavators and loaders. All of our products are custum made so they can fit on every machine. We are also specialized in production of pontoons and barges.


Here you can see all of our quarry equipment


As an official McCloskey dealer we can offer you delivery of most of the new McCloseky products before the end of 2018.


The new series of rigid haulers from Volvo Construction Equipment are built on a proven hauler concept and feature the latest technology that optimizes fuel efficiency and uptime.


Do you have a compact excavator?
Atlas Copco COP 1532-R32E

Atlas Copco drifters and hydraulic feed

We have on stock 8 pieces of Atlas Copco drifters which can be used in different applications. drifters model: Atlas Copco COP 1532-R32E year of manufacture: 2003
Olko 100kN hoists

Shaft hoisting system

Today we're presenting you complete shaft hosting system which includes 9 hoists (winches), main tower above the shaft, hoists system building with fully computerized control room and electrui excavator for work in mining and shaft sinking.

McCloskey washing plant assembly

McCloskey news

McCloskey - one of the world leading manufacturer of screening and washing equipment is announcing new bussiness division: McCloskey Washing Systems

New Balavto catalogue 2016

Check out our newest catalogue - Balavto 2016 with complete sale program presentation, our production presentation, services and more...

Metax jet grouting high pressure pump

Jet grouting

Jet Grouting is is process which is needed when we need soil improvment when building new srtuctures or reapiring old ones.

Pallet forks for Excavators and Wheel Loaders in stock

Pallet forks for excavtors and loaders - in stock

Pallet forks for:

  • excavators weight form 14 -19 tons
  • loaders weight from 8 - 11 tons. 

All in stock!

Used buckets, quick fits, attaching plates in stock

Used Quick fits, buckets and attaching plates in stock!

Many used buckets, quick fits, attaching plates for excavators - in stock!

Pallet forks for excavators, Balavto production

Latest from our production: Pallet forks for excavators

Latest product from our Attachments production program are Pallet Forks for Excavators.

Rubber tracks for mini excavators Kubota

SPECIAL OFFER!!! Rubber tracks for mini excavators on low prices

Special offer: Rubber tracks from our stock on low prices!
We offer you some models of rubber tracks for different kinds of mini excavators on good prices. 

Volvo L220D dismantled for spare parts

We've recently dismantled Volvo Loader 220D - for spare parts.

Most of the parts are still available and in good condition: 

high tip bucket with side liftin cylinders for Volvo L60H Wheel Loader


We've recently made Higt Tip Bucket with side lifting Cylinders for Volvo L60H Wheel Loader. This version of High Tip Bucket has lifting cylinders positioned on sides of the bucket and not in the middle. This make the bucket more stabile and enables fast and easy self-cleaning (material does not stay sticked in the middle of the bucket).
dumper Perlini

Perlini rigid dumpers 366B & 366C for sale

Two used rigid dumpers: 

  • Perlini 366B
  • Perlini 366C

​For sale! Both dumpers are in good condition, ready to start working.

Wheel loader Caterpillar 988B

Old boys

We did trade in old Caterpillar wheel loaders. Old boy CAT 966C, produced in 1969 is still willing to work. The same we can say for his younger brother CAT 966C from 1974.

Meyco Potenza for sale

Overhauling of Meyco Potenza shotcrete machine

One of the fields of  Balavto company activities is renovation of  tunnel machines. In past years we did overhaul tunnel excavators, jumbo drill rigs and shotcrete machines. In the report below you can see how the renovation is carried out.

Balavto on Mawev Show

Balavto on Mawev Show in Austria

One of the largest Europian fairs in field of Heavy Construction Equipment - Mawev Show - took place in Austra from 18

Buckets and forks for Volvo L180H & L350F made on  Balavto Ltd.

Latest from our production: Buckets and forks for Volvo L180H & L350F

We've lately made a range of buckets and forks for Volvo Loaders L180H and L350F. Buckets and forks are custom made to meet special requirements on site:

Blade and ripper for dozer Caterpillar D9H

Blade and ripper for dozer Caterpillar D9H

For sale: Blade and ripper dismantled from b

 buckets for loaders and excavators - balavto production

Latest from our production: buckets for loaders and excavators

In our attachments production program we make all kinds of buckets for loaders and excavators.
We've just finished production process for next loader and excavator buckets:

Sweepers for Loaders

One of special attachments from our wide offer of Loader attachments is - Sweeper.
We provide different kinds of sweepers for all sizes and tipes of Wheel Loaders.

Special, additional teeth on excatavtor grab

Special, additional teeth on excatavtor grab

We equiped our Grab model BG16, produced in our company, with special, additional teeth.

used Terex TA25 with cement spreader

Cement spreading for soil stabilization

Balavto Ltd can supply you articulated dumper with special superstructure for cement spreading produced by Panien.
Currently we have on stock used dump truck Terex TA25 equiped with cement spreader Panien P15.

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Main activity of Balavto Ltd is construction equipment trading and machinery attachments production. We have more than 200 used machines on stock. We can provide also different types of attachments and spare parts.

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