Jet grouting

Jet Grouting is is process which is needed when we need soil improvment when building new srtuctures or reapiring old ones.
Jet Grouting is modern, fast and effective method for creating fondations in week rocks or soil. At very high pressure (minimal 300 Bar) concrete is injected into the ground.
Jet stream of concrete destroys natural week soil structure and creates mixing effect between ground and stabilizer.
Main phases of Jet grouting process:

  1. Drilling:
    Coomonly rotaty or roto-percussion drilling methods are used.
    For this phase we usually supply to our costumers drilling rigs like Casagrande C8 or simillar.
    Usually it's needed to drill about 20m deep, in particular cases also bigger equipment is requied (for drilling down to 60m from surface).
    jet grouting drilling rig Casagrande C8 Casagrande C8 control panel
  2. Injection
    Once the requied depth is reached you can start with high pressure injection. Grout will flow in at very high speed and big pressure created will destroy the soil structure and inject stabilization mixture.
    During the injection drill string is removed  and so called J-G columns are created.
    For the injection purpose usually on of Metax high pressure pump is used (P450C, P600C, P500G, P700G...).
    Metax Cima Jet grouting pump Metax high pressure concrete pump


Metax jet grouting high pressure pump
Casagrande C8 drilling rig