Latest from our production: Pallet forks for excavators

Latest product from our Attachments production program are Pallet Forks for Excavators.

  • Capacity per fork: 2725 kg
  • Capaity per pair (forks): cca. 5400 kg
  • Forks weight: 520 kg

Forks shown on pictures are made for Wheeled Excavator Volvo EW130 (15 tons weight), but we also produce pallet forks for smaller and bigger excavators, with capacity in accordance with the excavator on which they are to be used.

As for all our attachments, conecting element on forks is custom-made regarding the attaching system on the excavator.

Find out more about our Excavator attachments production - here.

If you are looking for Pallet Forks for your Excavator (or maybe Loader), please do not hesitate to contact us:
phone: +386 5 365 99 00


december, 2015     

Pallet forks for excavators, Balavto production
Pallet forks for excavators, Balavto production
pallet forks for excavators, Balavto attachments production