Old boys

We did trade in old Caterpillar wheel loaders. Old boy CAT 966C, produced in 1969 is still willing to work. The same we can say for his younger brother CAT 966C from 1974. The big brother CAT 988B from 1980 is also brutally powerful.


And for the end Soviet motorbike Dneper 650 as the youngest machine on the photo. This motorbike was produced in 1981 on the other side of the iron curtain. Maybe not so powerful but louder than CAT 988B.

Ural 500 and CAT wheel loaders Motorbike Ural 500

966C from 1969 on it's way to a new owner:

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Wheel loader Caterpillar 988B
Used wheel loaders on Balavto Ltd Slovenija
Ural 500