B-quick hydraulic hose coupler

B-QUICK Couplers

For hydraulic hoses
Technical data: 
Oil flow
Quick and easy connection
No oil leak
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B-Quick coupler set - Balavto production
B-Quick coupler for hydraulic hoses
B-Quick coupler for hydraulic hoses
100% and constant oil flow
Balavto patent
Hydraulic Breaker connected to the excavator with B-Quick coupler
Shears connected to the excavator with B-Quick coupler
The best hydraulic hoses coupler

for hydraulic hoses

Special B-quick couplers, manufactured in our Company Balavto ltd., enable easy and fast coupling of the hydraulic attachements (breakers, grapples, shears, etc...) to base machine.

B-Quick set

1,2 - 2x complete valves  (2x male part, 2x female part)
3    - 2x key
   - 2x plug for the valve connected with  wire rope
5    - 2x cap for hydraulic attachmnet hoses
A    - Ball Valve      B - B-Quick Valve


Quick and easy connection
B-Quick allows quick and easy  connection and disconection of  hydraulic attachements: hydraulic  breakers, shears,  grapples, tiltrotators etc.
Connecting/disconnecting  process takes about 3 minutes

100% and constant oil flow
The oil flow through the  B-Quick coupler is 100% which  enables constant oil flow without  unnecessary hindrances and  hydraulic oil warming.
100% and constant oil flow 100% and constant oil flow

Pesonnel safety assured
Because of their reliability,  B-Quick couplers ensure high  security and your personnel safety.

High impact resistance
Due to the high impact and vibration resistance,  B-Quick couplers are preventing the attachement demage, which  often occurs after breaking the standard quick couplers, where particles get into the attachements and the machine.

Effective dust protection
Our protection plugs for B-Quick Coupler and Hydraulic hose assure effective protection against dust and weather.
Dust protection on B-Quick coupler

Environment friendly product
During the connection/disconnection of the attachement  hoses, there is no oil spilling and there is no oil leakage during the further work with  the attachement either!  That’s why B-Quick Coupler represent environmentally  friendly product.
Protection plugs for the hydraulic hoses have special container  for the oil from the hose. When you’re closing the hose with our plug, there is no oil spilling because all oil goes to this container.
Environmentally friendly product Environmentally friendly product - no oil spilling


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