Technical data: 
Max. grab opening
1573 mm
700 mm
Grab height (without rotator)
770mm open; 885mm closed
Grab force
16 kN
Max. working pressure - hydraulic
25 Mpa
Weight without rotator
500 kg
Grabbbing area
1,77 m2
Suitable carrier (excavator)
12 - 16 tons
Photo gallery: 
Hydraulic Grab BG13 - made by Balavto Ltd.
Hydraulic Grab BG13 for excavators 12 - 16t
Hydraulic Grab BG13 for excavators 12 - 16t
Hydraulic Grab BG13 or excavator Volvo
Hydraulic Grab BG13 or excavator CAT
Hydraulic Grab BG13 - Balavto Ltd. attachments production

Intended to be used with Tiltrotator

Hydraulical grab BG13 is intended to be used on excavators from 12 - 16 tons.
It is often used for: classical grabbing - material handling (for stone, wood, iron..), for material sorting on garbage dumps and during demolition works, for stone placing (making scarps), etc. 
Version shown on this page is BG grab without Rotator and with mounted Tiltrotator.
Tiltrotator enables 360 dgr. rotation and tilting in two sides (left/right)

Grab BG13 with mounted Tiltrotator.

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