Hydraulic grab BG8

Hydraulic Grab BG8 for mini excavators

Grab BG8 is intended to be used on smaller excavators (5-8 tons). 
This small grab is often used for: classical grabbing - material handling (for stone, wood, iron..), for waste material sorting, for stone placing (making scarps), etc.
We make them in accordance with customers needs, and it can be delivered in 3 different versions:
grab for mini excavator
1. Grab BG8 without Rotator (for Tiltrotator)
small grapple
2. Grab BG8 with Rotator
grab for excavator 5-8 tons
3. Grab BG8 with hanging Rotator

1. Grab BG8 without Rotator (intended to be used with Tiltrotator)

Hydraulic Grab BG8 can be delivered as sole, independent unit and connected to Attaching Plate on the Excavator.
Performance: classical grabbing of different materials: stone, wood, iron, garbage...
Applicability of hydraulic grab without rotator can be optimized by adding TILTROTATOR which is like a „wrist“ linked between excavator and grab. Tiltrotator provides unlimited rotation and tilting up to 40 degrees in two directions. Performance: 360°rotation, 40° tilting, different materials grabbing (stone, wood, iron, garbage etc...).

Find out more about Grab BG8 with mounted TILTROTATOR - here.

Grab BG8 with Tiltrotator

2. Grab BG8 with Rotator

On Hydraulic Grab BG8 special ROTATOR can be monuted.
enables infinite rotation, transmits major amount of axial and radial force and insures a great grab rotary performance. Performance: 360°rotation and grabbing of different materials (stone, wood, iron, garbage, etc... ).

Find out more about Grab BG8 with Rotator - here.
Grab BG8 with Rotator

3. Grab BG8 with hanging Rotator

Special, hanging Rotator can be mounted on Grab BG8.
Hanging Grab BG8 is intended for use in situations where precise handling is not so important and represents great tool in working with waste material on garbage dumps, with waste iron, wood, etc.
grab BG8 for mini excavators
Grab BG8 for mini excavators
Grab for mini excavator
Grab BG8 with integrated Rotator
bg8 grab, stone placing
Grab BG8 used for stone placing
grab BG8 for excavator
Grabs BG8 ready for transportation to the customer - on Balavto Ltd.