Hydraulic breakers 'BAT'

In last few years we sold more than 400 different hydraulic breakers. 
Great experiences leaded to development of our own model of hydraulic breaker: BAT

Characteristics and advantages of BAT Hydraulic Breakers

  • Auto - stop (Anti-BlankFire system) 
    This function ensures less problem of the components and longer life of the hydraulic breaker.
  • Upper Level of Through Bolt
    The size of through bolt is bigger than other maker to reduce breakage and to avoid loos of tightness.
  • Accumulator Built in
    Accumulator makes less stress on hydraulic components and absorbs pressure fluctuation inside of breaker.
  • All Silenced Model Range
    Sound surpress brackets and devices are applied to from small models to large models.

For detailed review of BAT breakers characteristics, please click on a picture on right.

Technical specifications


(120-310 kg)

(330-1150 kg)

(1400-2000 kg)

(2400-7000 kg)


Full support

For every sold hydraulic hammer, we offer full support:

  • Our technical team mounts the breaker to the basic machine and is responsible for its smooth functioning. 
  • Different Connection plates production (for attaching breaker to the machine). 
  • We offer you a special high-B-Quick couplings for hydraulic hoses (more on that later in the catalog).
  • We have all kinds of tools and spare parts for hydraulic breakers in stock.
hydraulic hammer
Bat hydraulic breakers
BAT Hydraulic Breakers on Balavto Ltd.
BAT breakers characteristics
For detailed review of BAT breakers characteristics, please click on a picture above
Hydraulic breakers, tolls for breakers
Hydraulic Breaker BAT and our stock of tools for different excavators
attaching plate
Attachment plate on BAT Breaker made in Balavto Ltd.
BAT Hydraulic Breaker on excavator
BAT Hydraulic Breaker connected to the excavator