Volvo's digger is highly-flexible, working either on-road or off-road. The machine provides versatility, allowing you to switch between the attachments you need. Travel at high speeds in the comfort of your Volvo cab. The Volvo fuel-efficient engine and well-matched components deliver top power and low-emissions for environmental care.

Volvo EWR150E
Volvo EWR150E

Engine power: 105 KW (143 Hp)
Weight: 14,1 - 15,9 t
Bucket capacity: 0,73m3

Volvo EW160E
Volvo EW160E

Engine power: 116 KW (155 Hp)
Weight: 16,2 - 18,2 t
Bucket capacity: 0,36 - 1 m3

Volvo EWR170E

Engine power: 115KW (155HP)
Weight: 17,9-19,2 t
Bucket capacity: 0,7m3

Volvo EW180E
Volvo EW180E

Engine power: 126 KW (169 Hp)
Weight: 18 - 20,3 t
Bucket capacity: 0,62 - 1 m3

Volvo EW220 E
Volvo EW220E

Engine power: 129KW (173HP)
Weight: 22,18t
Bucket capacity : 1,18m3


Volvo EW240E
Volvo EW240E

Engine power:129 kW / 173 HP
Weight: 26 t
Bucket capacity:  /