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11,800 kg
Engine Power
106 kW
Building a better world with fewer machines.

Are you on the market for an agile and truly multipurpose machine for a variety of projects? Lännen 8600K has powerful, precisely operating working hydraulics with a broad range of adjustments for the various needs of each task, work attachment and operator.

The most agile machine in its class thanks to the 42° turning angle of the articulation joint and ± 400 mm frame oscillation. Excellent all-round visibility increases safety when working in confined spaces and in dense areas.

The working environment of the operator is spacious and low-noise with excellent all-round visibility.The ergonomic, operator-friendly cabin is comfortable, and it enables the operator to control the machine easily and safely. It's high capacity heater and climate control ensures a pleasant working temperature throughout the whole year.
Steering column, with two articulated joints and height adjustment, provides a pleasant driving position, and can, as required, be turned out of the way to the front. The seat swivels freely, and its sturdy armrests are easy to adjust for operators of different sizes and varying operating habits.
The control panel, which is located beside the armrest, includes the switches for the most important functions of the machine. The cabin can be hydraulically tipped in two stages with a manually operated pump for easy service access.