12,250 kg
McCloskey’s UF1200 feeder is powerful and reliable, suited to topsoil, compost, mulch and landscape products.

As a result of its high capacity, it significantly enhances production levels across multiple applications. Available in tracked or wheeled models, the bin feeder is portable and versatile and is transported easily from site to site.

The UF1200 offers with an array of options for maximum versatility, including a 13 yd Aggregate Hopper with remote Tipping Grid & Spill Plate, 15
yd Aggregate Hopper with 2 ft Hopper Extension Tipping Grid, Spill Plate and Hopper Bridge, 19 yd Aggregate Hopper with Extensions, 16 yd Mulch Hopper Extension & Transfer Chute, or Live Head.

With the UF1200’s wide 48” main and feed conveyor belts,  high capacity hopper, and fast on-site setup time, McCloskey brings a new level of efficiency to your material processing.

  • 1200mm (48″) wide feed conveyor
  • 10.01 cu.m. (13.09 cu.yd.) high capacity hopper
  • Choice of remote control tipping grid or live head
  • Track or wheel mobile
  • 48″ integrated stockpiling conveyor
  • Powerful 75 Hp/56 kW diesel engine
  • Easily moves from site to site, with fast setup time
  • Ground level access for ease of maintenance and service