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Atlas Copco drifters and hydraulic feed

Atlas Copco drifters and hydraulic feed

Atlas Copco COP 1532-R32E drifters

We have on stock 8 pieces of Atlas Copco drifters which can be used in different applications.
drifters model: Atlas Copco COP 1532-R32E
year of manufacture: 2003

COP 1532-R32E is powerful rock drill with very high capacity and less stress in the drill steel.
COP 1532 is the shortest rock drill in its class for the best utilisation of the feed length.
Impact power and frequency can be controlled and adjusted independently of each other.
A modern hydraulic reflex dampener gives the rock drill the best protection from reflected shock waves.

“Back hammering” function makes it possible to use the impact mechanism as an aid to take out a stuck drill steel.

Technical data COP 1532

  • Weight: 180 kg
  • Length: 850 mm
  • Impact power, max: 15 kW
  • Impact rate: 65 Hz
  • Hydraulic pressure, max: 230 bar
  • Rotation speed range, max: 0-220 rpm
  • Rotation pressure, max: 150 bar
  • Rotation torque, max: 1140 Nm
  • Flushing water pressure, max: 20 bar
  • Lubricating air 2bar: 5 l/s
  • Shank adapter, male: R28, R32, T38
  • Shank adapter, female: R32, R38

Atlas Copco HBU 6000 Hydraulic Feed

Total length: 2983mm
(together with hydraulic drill steel griper BSH 110B for extension drilling)
Year of production: 2003