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Latest from our production: Buckets and forks for Volvo L180H & L350F

Latest from our production: Buckets and forks for Volvo L180H & L350F

We've lately made a range of buckets and forks for Volvo Loaders L180H and L350F. Buckets and forks are custom made to meet special requirements on site:

  • High Tip Bucket for Volvo L180H - capacity 8 mᶾ
    This kind of bucktes in intended to be used for light materials. This bucket features considerably increased dump height over standard light material buckets. Dumping height is from 4 - 7 m, depending on loader type and the bucket.
  • Bucket for Iron Ore for Volvo L350F - capacity 6 mᶾ
    This is Heavy Duty bucket, mainly made from Hardox steel, so it can be used in more extereme conditions for hevier materials, such as Iron Ore.
  • Light Material Bucket for Volvo L350F - capacity 17 mᶾ
    This high capacity bucket is specialy made for coal.  Light material buckets are high capacity buckets, used for low density materials, such as grain wood chips, coal, compost, snow, light waste material, etc.
  • Forks for Volvo L350F - capacity 80 tons
    These fixed forks are specialy made for heavy loads manipulation. 


In our Attachments Production Program, we produce different attachments (buckets, forks, grabs, quick fits, dumper bodies, arm extensions....) for all kinds of machines (excavators, loaders, backhoe loaders, dumpers...).

Here you can check our attachments production program.

Find out more about Loader attachment production - here.

If you need an attachment for your machine, pleasecontact us directly. We can make almost any kind of attachment you need for your machine. 
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