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The EWR170E features the industry-leading Volvo cab, spaciously designed with generous leg room and all-around visibility, thanks to large windows and rear and side view cameras. The combined positioning of the engine at the back of the machine, with the extra available space at the front right of the machine, offers a clear view to the right. The wheeled excavator can also be equipped with the option of Volvo Smart View – three cameras attached to the frame that combine to show a real-time birds eye view of operating footage, to help navigate in tough situations. This can be integrated into the machine’s display or as a standalone screen.

For added convenience, the operator can select from a range of joystick grips and customize the controls, to create a shortcut for the wipers, cameras or mute function. Meanwhile, Comfort Drive Control (CDC) gives the operator the opportunity to steer the machine using only the roller on the joystick, up to 20km/h (12mph) – a new feature for the Volvo wheeled excavator range.

To make entering and exiting the machine easy, handrails and steps are brightly colored and a ‘welcome light’ – controlled remotely – can be fitted as an option, helping to guide operators in the dark. In the new LED light package, there is now an additional seventh work light, designed to be fitted next to the side camera.

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For smoother and more efficient operation, the EWR170E can be fitted with the automatic digging brake, first introduced by Volvo over 10 years ago. The intelligent option automatically engages the service brake and locks the oscillation when the machine’s speed is at zero.

Fuel efficiency is complimented by the renowned Tier 4 Final/Stage IV-compliant Volvo engine, offering high torque at low engine speeds. Additionally, the auto idle function reduces engine speed to ‘tick over’, when the controls are inactive for a pre-set amount of time – and the auto engine shutdown shuts the engine down, when the machine is inactive for a prescribed period of time. Fuel consumption is further reduced by ECO mode, which turns on automatically, optimizing fuel efficiency and maintaining productivity. Moreover, the passive regeneration process automatically cleans the DPF filters without any impact on performance.

To boost stability when traveling at high speeds over rough terrain, the EWR170E is equipped with an optional Boom Suspension System (BSS). Complete with a hydraulic circuit and gas pressure dampers, the BSS automatically engages at 5km/h (3mph), to absorb shocks, which may unsettle the bucket load.


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The EWR170E can be individually configured with either standard 2.5m wide axles, or – to boost stability – 2.75m axels and a blade. Approved for road use, the ever versatile wheeled excavator has an optional road-homologated trailer hitch, which can pull up to eight tons (for trailers with overrun brakes). Operators can also bring their tools – up to 130kg – with them to the job site in a draw-type box, which conveniently slides out from the undercarriage.

Designed to complement the EWR170E’s performance, Volvo offers a comprehensive portfolio of attachments, purpose built to work in harmony with the machine. For easy and efficient attachment changes, the Attachment Management System stores the settings for up to 20 different types.

To boost productivity, customers can opt for the Steelwrist® tiltrotator. The factory-fitted system offers complete control of both the machine and tiltrotator, with the information presented on just one machine display.

Made to move, the EWR170E has optimized hydraulic hose routing on the boom and arm, to enhance durability and reduce the chance of damage. In addition, the new axle- mounted mudguards now have a larger surface area to help keep the machine cleaner.

To keep the machine up and running, the EWR170E has been designed with ease of servicing in mind. On the entire E-Series wheeled excavator range, greasing points have been grouped together and filters placed behind wide-opening engine doors, all accessible from ground level. With improved access to areas such as the radiators and mesh, maintenance is made easy, helping operators stay on track.

To boost profitability and maintain productivity, Volvo offers a range of widely available, tested and approved Genuine Volvo Parts – all backed by a Volvo warranty. Supported by a selection of services, Volvo helps to keep the EWR170E on track, with flexible maintenance and repair options, as well as planned servicing. 



MotorVolvo D4J

Delovna teža17 950 kg

Bruto moč115 kW

... pri hitrosti motorja2 000 r / m

Kapaciteta žlice0,7 m3

Max. dvigalna zmogljivost5 500 kg

... na dosegu / višini6,0 / 1,5 m

Max. doseg kopanja9 360 mm

Max. globina kopanja5 750 mm

Sila za zlom (ISO) (Boost)126 kN

Max. hitrost35 km / h

Pozitivni radij1 790 m