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Overhauling of Meyco Potenza shotcrete machine

Overhauling of Meyco Potenza shotcrete machine

One of the fields of  Balavto company activities is renovation of  tunnel machines. In past years we did overhaul tunnel excavators, jumbo drill rigs and shotcrete machines. In the report below you can see how the renovation is carried out.

On the photos 1,2 and 3 you can see some images from the day of the inspection of the machine before purchasing. Machine finished the work on the last jobsite and it was obviously that it needed to be overhauled. 


After purchasing we sent our truck to bring the machine to our yard:

Image removed.

After being washed in our yard, we carried out a detailed defactage of the malfunctions on the machine. After that, we ordered all spare parts, to have them in workshop as soon as possible. Our guys from welding team rapaired cracks on chassie or boom. When welding is done we moved the machine to the paintshop. After grinding and sandblasting we painted the machine:


After receiving the spare parts, we started the mechanical works on the machine. All wearable parts were changed: some of the hydraulic hoses, manometers, sealing, valves, filters and oil...


When all works on the machine are finished we test the machine to be sure that is 100% working.

For the end we load the machine again on our truck and deliver it to our customer.  Here mentioned machine was delivered to the port.