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Sweepers for Loaders

Sweepers for Loaders

One of special attachments from our wide offer of Loader attachments is - Sweeper.
We provide different kinds of sweepers for all sizes and tipes of Wheel Loaders.

Pick up sweepers are adopted to front mounting on wheel loaders and tractors.
On of most common pick-up sweepers  used on Loaders is Holms model 300. 
This sweeper operates with two direct acting hydraulic motors.  
Sweeper has waste container, manufactured in two sizes, depending on roller brush width.
One waste container has an effective sweeping volume of 360 lit,  and other the other has a capacity of 660/700 lit.

Holms 300 Sweeper is in standard design equipped with a 400 lit.water tank and an electric driven water pump. 

Sweepers can also be equipped with additional side brush.